Who am I ?

Hey, I’m Benjamin and I’m a software developer. I’ve been doing quite many widely different jobs in the past few years, from bartender to finally settling in the job I’ve always wanted to do.

My job

I’m working in small scale company which primary purpose is to manufacture and install heat pumps in France. I’ve been building an IoT platform for them, from PLC abstraction to the VueJS front-end. This has been my first major IT project, and it’s been a blast. There will be a blog article about it, coming shortly.

What I like to do

My language of choice at the moment is Python, and I love creating and thinking how to architect systems and the different relations between each part. I’ve also used NodeJS for some services where it was better suited.

I have some interest in learning Elixir next, and I’ll share my quest here as soon as I get the courage to do so.

Outside work, I’ve found a new love for travel, especially in the Nordic countries. I lived in Finland for two years, working seasons in the Finnish Lapland in winter and in the south in the sea-side city Turku in the summer. And when I’m here, in a small town located in the east of France, I like to cook, stay active and occasionally read and play Blizzard video games.

Contact me!

You can find my CV here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page!